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The Hubelfish Chronicles

The Hubelfish Chronicles

Hubelfish II - The Project

Hubelfish III - The Return

Hubelfish IV - The Party

 Who Will Help Us?

Rise, Shine & Drive


It's All Good

 Just The Man


Back In The Train Gang

Is It So Good?

 What Will He Do?

Watercooler Moment

The Interview

What The Funk

 He Can Do Anything

Prophet Motive

I Got It


 He's Coming

Company Man

A New Hope


 The Arrival

I Have A Notion

Good Job


 The Speech

We Can Do It

Up The Ladder

The Party Line

 He's Crazy

With You All The Way

Ship Coming In




Good Job Reprise

The Interview

 The Teaching

Trading Places

Top Of The Tree

Global Warming Bullshit


Take The Money

Playing Conquers

The Vote

 The Speech Reprise

In Denial

I've Been Down


 Dance I

Catastrophe Graph


The House

 Dance II

Profit Of Doom




4 Close

Beat Down

Mr President


Post Mortem















Hubelfish V – Beyond The Moon

Hubelfish VI – Inside Life

Hubelfish VII – Edge Of Time

Hubelfish VIII – The Age Of Nice

Five Alive


Inflight Insight

Prologue (Pigs Might Fly)

Where Do You Want To Go

Inside Life

Time And Distance

Wouldn't It Be Nice

I've Done It All


Time Dilation

Where Do We Start

Faster Than  Light

Spin Cycle

Long Way Home

We Start Here

Speed Of Silence

Therapy Reprise


The Mission

Beyond The Moon

A Cunning Plan


What Will He Do (Reprise)



The End Of The Universe

He Can Do Anything (Reprise)


On The Run

Edge Of Time

The Arrival (Reprise)



The Void

The Speech (Reprise)

The Message

Daylight Robbery

Beyond The Edge



Stardust Reprise

Leave A Message

The Teaching (Reprise)



Time After Time

The Age Of Nice

Going Home

Inside Life Reprise

The Message

Something Else

The Return

Contact (Speech Reprise)



Back To The Fuchsia

The Final Frontier

Time To Go Home














The Hubelfish Chronicles

by Adam Nottage


Plot Synopses


The Hubelfish Chronicles

A crisis of some description has befallen the planet/country/locale – this is not specified. There is mass panic about how to resolve the problem (01 - Who Will Help Us?) until somebody announces they have a candidate in mind who will be able to help (02 - Just The Man). Despite scepticism as to his abilities (03 - What Will He Do?) his supporters profess their confidence in almost religious terms (04 - He Can Do Anything) and Eddie Hubelfish is invited to address the masses (05 - He's Coming). Amidst revivalist excitement (06 - The Arrival) Eddie delivers his scheme for resolving the crisis (07 - The Speech). However as his plans involve a pseudo-religious/spiritual element they are met with widespread cynicism (08 - He's Crazy) until he persuades the doubters to give his method a chance (09 – Understand). Thus begins Eddie’s educational programme (10 - The Teaching) which is ineffective, for unexplained reasons (11 – Fallout) and is rejected. Eddie suffers a breakdown (12 - The Speech Reprise) and disappears into obscurity while the world celebrates his disappearance (13 - Dance I and 14 - Dance II). The epilogue delivers a verdict on the overall content of the work (15 – Finale).


Runtime 39:03 © Adam Nottage 2006



Hubelfish Chronicles II - The Project

Eddie Hubelfish appears settled working for a large company, but beneath the surface all is not well. He dislikes his commute to work (01 - Rise, Shine & Drive) and is resentful of his lack of progress up the corporate ladder (02 – Work). Finally his patience is exhausted by the banality of conversation around the water cooler (03 - Watercooler Moment) and he has the idea that he would do better working for himself (04 - Prophet Motive). His colleagues try to dissuade him from leaving (05 - Company Man) but he has had an idea about how to compete with his former employer (06 - I Have A Notion) which he outlines (07 - We Can Do It) to persuade them to come on board (08 - With You All The Way). In raising finance for his new venture, Eddie is taken advantage of by unscrupulous bankers (09 – Finance) before commencing trading, however the finance terms make the venture loss-making (10 - Trading Places). The bankers incite him to borrow further to expand the business (11 - Take The Money) but Eddie is in too deep and too committed to be able to think clearly (12 - In Denial). An instrumental track marks the tipping point (13 - Catastrophe Graph), and the realisation follows that failure is inevitable (14 - Going Down) leaving the banks to close operations down (15 – Foreclose). A shell-shocked Eddie ponders his failure (16 - Post Mortem) and the act closes with a musical verdict epilogue as for The Hubelfish Chronicles (17 – Finale).


Runtime 42:18 © Adam Nottage 2012



Hubelfish Chronicles III - The Return

A summary of Eddie Hubelfish’s progress (01 – Prelude) reveals he is back to commuting to work (02 - Back In The Train Gang). Interviews for a new job (03 - The Interview) while leaving Eddie cynical as to the competence of the new organisation, do lead to a job offer (04 - I Got It). An instrumental track (05 - A New Hope) shows he is feeling more optimistic. In a musical variation on the theme from the previous track, Eddie finally starts to receive the plaudits he has earned for his efforts (06 - Good Job) and the promotion-related benefits as well, while his partner regrets the sacrifices Eddie’s success have necessitated (07 - Up The Ladder). To some extent he is unbelieving of his new-found position (08 - Ship Coming In) but the rewards and promotions keep coming in (09 - Good Job Reprise) until he reaches the pinnacle of Chief Executive of the company (10 - Top Of The Tree). He reflects on the way he treats success as a game, illustrated using a play on words (11 – Playing, Conquers) and looks back over past difficulties in his life (12 - I've Been Down) before falling into a reverie in an instrumental track (13 – Meditation) and recalling a particular friendship with some fondness (14 – Reggie). He then offers some life advice to the listener (15 - Beat Down) and the act closes with the usual musical verdict epilogue (16 – Finale).


Runtime 43:55 © Adam Nottage 2013



Hubelfish Chronicles IV - The Party

Eddie Hubelfish basks in the proceeds of his successful career (01 - It's All Good) before being brought back to earth by his partner (02 - Is It So Good?). He doesn’t appreciate the wake up call (03 - What The Funk?) but becomes persuaded that he has a social responsibility (04 – Concern) and accepts he should consider where he can make a difference (05 – Problems). In a flash of inspiration he realises he can make the biggest impact through politics (06 – Enlightenment) but quickly loses faith in the existing political system (07 - The Party Line) and resolves to start his own party (08 – Campaign). He performs well in the hustings (09 - The Interview) making strong points of principle (10 - Catastrophic Global Bullshit). In the election (11 - The Vote) he succeeds beyond his expectations (12 – Result) but on entering government is frustrated by the inertia of corruption and vested interests (13 - The House) and manoeuvres himself into the position of party leader (14 – Leader) and ultimately president (15 - Mr President). The act closes with the musical verdict epilogue as before (16 – Finale) but then references [The Hubelfish Chronicles (06 - The Arrival)] to complete the cycle.


Runtime 46:05 © Adam Nottage 2013



Hubelfish Chronicles V – Beyond The Moon

The fifth instalment opens with a piece in 5/4 time to reference that this is episode 5, and a summary of his progress to date (01 - Five Alive). Having served his term as president, Eddie is struggling to find a purpose in life (02 - Where Do You Want To Go?) as he feels he has little left to prove (03 - I've Done It All), until he realises he can set his horizons beyond the Earth. However he sees he will need the ability to cover distance quickly (04 - Faster Than Light). He reflects on the enormity of the universe in the following instrumental track (05 - Speed Of Silence) and the scale of the task he has set himself (06 - Beyond The Moon). His starship completed, he sets off on the voyage of exploration (07 – Stardust) and successfully discovers an alien civilisation (08 – Encounter and 09 – Mothership) before making actual contact (10 - The Message) referencing [The Hubelfish Chronicles (07 - The Speech)] as the communication is translated (11 – Interpretation). In reflective mood Eddie determines to carry this message back to the Earth (12 – Friendship). An instrumental track accompanies the voyage of return to Earth (13 - Going Home), where Eddie’s claims are met with scepticism and disbelief (14 - The Return). Ultimately Eddie is condemned as insane (15 - Back To The Fuchsia) and following the usual musical verdict epilogue Eddie is locked up in an asylum (16 – Finale).


Runtime 47:14 © Adam Nottage 2014



Hubelfish Chronicles VI – Inside Life

The sixth and quite definitively (probably) final act opens with Eddie incarcerated in a secure institution. A very brief summary of Eddie’s progress (01 – Prelude) and then Eddie’s own reflections follow (02 – Inside Life). The action opens properly with an interview for the therapy for Eddie’s presumed illness (03 – Therapy) and is followed by a psychedelic trip from his drug treatment for his deemed psychosis (04 - Spin Cycle). Eddie play-acts deterioration in his condition (05 - Therapy Reprise) but is actually entirely compos mentis and has hatched a plan (06 - A Cunning Plan), delivered as an operatic aria, to escape the institution (07 – Escape). Eddie goes on the run (08 - On The Run) and reunites with his partners from earlier acts (09 – Safehouse) before revealing the next stage in his masterplan, to steal back Stardust (10 - Daylight Robbery and 11 - Stardust Reprise). Eddie is determined to flee the planet for ever (12 – Getaway and 13 - Inside Life Reprise) as he has lost faith in humanity. Eddie makes contact with the aliens he met before (14 - Contact (Speech Reprise)) and invites them to accompany him on his epic quest to the edge of the universe. This will involve him facing and defeating his fears (15 - The Final Frontier). As in previous acts the conclusion is a payoff summary (16 – Finale) and ultimately a final very short “Easter Egg” (17 – Postscript) which references the bankers from Hubelfish 2.


Runtime 45:41 © Adam Nottage 2014



Hubelfish Chronicles VII – Edge Of Time

OK, so I fibbed about Hubelfish VI being the final act in the Chronicles. Eddie is racing towards the edge of the universe and considering his position (01 - Inflight Insight). The travel time allows him time to meditate, and on reflection he feels more balanced (02 - Time And Distance). The laws of physics make their effect felt (03 - Time Dilation). The sheer scale of the universe gives Eddie pause for thought (04 - Long Way Home) but does not discourage (05 – Perspective). Encountering a wormhole (06 – Wormhole) speeds the journey and he arrives at the edge of the universe (07 - The End Of The Universe) which is visibly the end of everything (08 - Edge Of Time). There is nothing beyond this point – nothing which could even be described as nothing (09 - The Void). Then out in the void an object is spotted which should not, cannot exist at such a point beyond reality (10 - Beyond The Edge). Eddie determines to investigate and discovers what may well be the home of an absent deity (11 - Leave A Message). Eddie considers the paradox (12 - Time After Time) then, enraged by the evident irresponsibility of an uncaring divinity, proceeds to destroy the construction (13 - The Message). Meanwhile a message is received from a distant Earth (14 – Circularity), the déjà vu circularity being perhaps caused by relativistic effects at such extreme distances. It is indeed as per the track name - (15 - Time To Go Home). As with prior acts the conclusion is a payoff summary (16 – Finale).

Runtime 46:06 © Adam Nottage 2015



Hubelfish Chronicles VIII – The Age Of Nice

Yes, all right, I fibbed again. But this really is the final act of the Chronicles. Eddie has agreed to be recalled to Earth to solve a crisis but is sceptical of the reception he will receive (01 - Prologue (Pigs Might Fly)). The problem is outlined to him as generally anti-social behaviour (02 - Wouldn't It Be Nice ) but nobody can see how to change things (03 - Where Do We Start). Eddie defines the starting point (04 - We Start Here) and he outlines his plans to his followers (05 – The Mission). A series of flashbacks to The Hubelfish Chronicles follow (06 – What Will He Do (Reprise)) and (07 - He Can Do Anything (Reprise)) leads to a re-run of his triumphal Hubelfish 1 speech (08 - The Arrival (Reprise)).and (09 - The Speech (Reprise)). This time the response to his message is complete assent (10 - Approval). Eddie begins the educational programme (11 - The Teaching (Reprise)) which leads to the dawning of a new age (12 - The Age Of Nice). There follows an aside to a non-conformist (13 - Something Else). A period of meditation (14 – Meditation) leads to some final personal reflections from Eddie at the end of his time (15 - Twilight). The conclusion is the usual payoff summary (16 – Finale).

Runtime 42:16 © Adam Nottage 2015




The idea for The Hubelfish Chronicles originated at a business meeting in 2005. Tired and confused (but not under the influence of any drug other than caffeine) at a crucial moment in the meeting I forgot the name of a Dutch financier colleague, being at that moment only able to recall that his first name was Edward. I stumbled and filled in the pause with “Hubelfish” as I couldn’t think of anything else. Later in the same meeting I referred to an African nation state as “The Demopratic Recublic of Pongo”. It was not a good day.


Hubelfish” as a name stayed with me and in 2006 I wrote The Hubelfish Chronicles, a rock opera. This was originally intended to be an experimental stand-alone, but was followed by Hubelfish II - The Project in 2012, with a further instalment to make a trilogy Hubelfish III - The Return in 2013. This was quickly followed up by the fourth episode Hubelfish IV - The Party also in 2013. Subsequently the fifth part of the trilogy Hubelfish V - Beyond The Moon appeared in 2014. The sixth act entitled Hubelfish VI - Inside Life was also published in 2014. Hubelfish VII – Edge Of Time was published in 2015. Will there be a Hubelfish VIII?


Enjoy it or not. Whatever. I found some of it quite droll. Especially the bits which are actually relatively amusing. Some of the music is pretty good too.



May 2015

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