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Charity single “Please Adopt Me!” in aid of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Cyprus



Climate Change albums

  “Catastrophic Global What?”, “CAGWhite Christmas” & “CAGWhen   

Album and Track list

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Wire In The Sky

Who Me

Orchestral Mad Oeuvres In The Park

Seven Wonders

Out Of My Box


 The Music Box

 Duet For Flute And Harpsichord


 Music Box II

 City Lights

 Lobster Waltz

 Organ Voluntary in D Minor

 The Opera House



 Spring Dance

 The First Day Of Spring

 Machu Picchu

 Chimes 2006

 Down To Earth

 Summer Afternoon

 Trio Suite  - Trio I

 Forbidden City

 Call Centre

 Wire In The Sky

 Autumn Gale

 Trio Suite  - Trio II


 Midnight Blue


 Crystal Morning

 Trio Suite  - Trio III


 Loony Tunes Rave


 I, Computer

 Trio Suite  - Trio IV

 Valley Of The Kings

 Oyster Dreams

 Vanishing Point

 The Joy

 Trio Suite  - Trio V

 The Chase

 Swan Glide

 End Of The Line

 'r Fynydd Ddylifa

 Trio Suite  - Trio VI


 What The Computer Thinks

 Contemplative Rock Part 1

 Sevens Heaven

 Trio Suite  - Trio VII



 Contemplative Rock Part 2

 The Clockmaker

 Trio Suite  - Trio VIII



 Floaty Light

 Military 12 (Bar) Step

 Trio Suite  - Trio IX



 Billy-Bob's New Guitar

 Inebriated Excuse Me

 Trio Suite  - Trio X





 Chamber Miscellany





 Wobbly Jelly Waltz





 Reflections On A Winter's Day





 Fanfare For Stoke Brunswick



Work In Progress



Music Machine

Thyme Flies






 The Music Box





 'r Fynydd Ddylifa

I've Been Down



 Heroine Theme

 Music Box II




 I've Been Down

 Chimes 2006

Three 33 Canon



 More Jam

 Music Box 3

Midnight Musings



 Trio Suite - Trio XI


Just For Today



 Trio Suite - Trio XII





 Trio Suite - Trio XIII



Music Box 3


 Trio Suite - Trio XIV





 Trio Suite - Trio XV








The Hubelfish Chronicles

Winds Of Change

The Hubelfish Chronicles Parts I to VIII


Eddie Hubelfish           


Bog Villain - Blowin In The Wind

Pooter Sisters - Pump

Quack/Blowie - Under Pressure

Van Guffen - Trump

Inthe John - Candle In The Wind

Quack - BogSmellian Rhapsody

Winds Of Change 2



New tracks are regularly


Browneye Adams - Runs Like You



being added – be sure to


Enema - Windyanus



check back often for the


PooLoose - Every Wind You Break



latest works.


Quack - Smelly Little Thing Called Wind


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Charity Single “Please Adopt Me!” in aid of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Cyprus


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 SarahLeaving                             ObiRap

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produced for an office retirement: “Sarah” by Thin Lizzy + “Since You Been Gone by Rainbow

Obi Wan Kenobe quotes from Star Wars Episode 4

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